Monday, April 20, 2009

Memorial Box Monday ~ Salt and Light

I remember the amazing weeks before we traveled to China in 2004 to meet our daughter, Kayden, for the first time.
I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, packed and repacked, reviewed the itinerary a million times … but more than anything else, I prayed. We had no idea what God was asking us to do 10 months before, but we knew it was in His hands and we were willing to join Him on this amazing, unexpected, miraculous journey.
We had never traveled internationally and had been sternly reminded by our agency that this was an adoption trip and we could take our personal Bibles but should not take a suitcase full of them. Still, our prayer was that God would allow us to be salt and light while in China. Though we might not be allowed to bring up spiritual issues, we would be prepared to answer questions if asked.
We arrived in Nanning with two other families we will be forever bonded with, and met our guide, A. We knew right away she was an amazing woman. Soon after meeting, she approached Clayton and told him she thought there was something special about him, was he a Christian?!?
He was so excited to tell her yes and share his testimony. She then proceeded to explain that she had become a Christian only three months earlier. She had facilitated the adoption of 14 children, and the parents had a celebration to share their testimonies. God had used this time to call her to repentance and salvation! She was praying for her husband, and he was beginning to ask questions. She had been reading her Bible ever since and had recently come across a passage she didn’t understand and wanted to know if Clayton would help her with it. The passage was none other than Matthew 5: 13-14!
13“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men. 14 You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.”
We were astonished at God’s divine appointment! Before we tearfully left Nanning, A agreed to share her testimony on video. We were blessed to spend so much time in deep spiritual conversation. I remember visiting a park and we asked what a particular wooden sign said. She told us the meaning was something like “Chinese know the secret to happy living …” Then she smiled and said, but we know the Real Secret!
God had answered so many prayers on that journey, but to realize He cares enough to answer one specific request is beyond our understanding! We should be careful what we pray for because He is able and willing to answer!


Tammy said...

What an amazing testimony! Thank you for sharing it. :)

The Ferrill's said...

I'm catching up on your family happenings the last week or so...praising God for His provisions for your adoption. there something I'm missing? Did I read that you might travel to China in Aug/Sept? Do you have your baby girl referral???? I being SO NOSY????????

April said...

I cant hear this story enough. It is a reminder of the power of prayer, and when we ask He will answer. Love to hear your divine moments with God!

Love You

Erica said...

wow, I love this story more and more. It gives me chills when I hear it. Thanks for sharing it with all of us! I haven't forgot about my candles I promise.

Pam said...

I love hearing this story! What an amazing trip you had! Can't wait to follow this one too! :)

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