Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day, Kambry Hope!

April 2, 2007 our lives changed forever, praise the Lord! For the whole story, you can visit Kambry's website.

To this day there is a special bond between Kambry and her Bubba Kuyler.
Sweet dreams, Angel.
Just a few minutes after Gotcha.

Red Couch. MiaRiel, Adrianna, Kambry and Hannah. Missing Kai!

Happy Forever Family Day to 5 precious kiddos! God is good, isn't He!


Anonymous said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Kambry!!!
Two years with one of the BEST families ever!!!
Love you all!
Tami (and Chris and the "A" crew!)

One of Us said...

Happy, happy gotcha day wishes to Kambry and family!!

Howard and Kim said...

Certainly a day worth celebrating!
Happy forever family day!!

Kim said...

Happy forever family day Miss Kambry!! I had forgotten that your day was close to our Mia's FFD.
What a beautiful,special princess you are!!
The Smith clan

April said...

Happy Gotcha Day.... Kambry you make me laugh everyday, I cant imagine my life with out you!

Love Always~

Jill and Rick said...

Happy Forever Family Day Kambry! Oh Connie, these pictures just make me cry. There's nothing more precious than another child coming into the family!


Andrea said...

Hope you had a really cool day, Kambry!
You were one cute little monkey!

Miss Andrea

hollym. said...

Happy Forever Family Day!! Kambry has a special place in my heart being that she's from the same SWI as our Anna baby.:) Of course all of your other children are special to me for other reasons!!
And then there's KIDS ARE JUST SPECIAL!
Praying for a Johnson referral that's just around the bend! WOOHOOOOOO!

Kitty said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Kambry! Jia loves her Gotcha Day. She tells everyone that she gets to celebrate two birthdays every year. (Of course, she only gets cake on her Gotcha Day, but we usually have friends over, too.) What a beautiful little peanut she is!!

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