Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Little Reminders...

... of God's faithfulness and fulfilled promises! Why do I need so many reminders these days? I just know God is preparing me for something BIG! I see His blessings everywhere I look.
Kambry's current favorite outfit. "I Tinkerbell, Mama."
Stance with a 'tude.
And in case you were wondering where the other boot is ...

Yeah, we're celebrating 2 years home - with candy for supper!

Celebrating 1 year home! Meat and potatoes for me, please.

The two-year-olds conspire.

Let's distract them with a book!

What an awesome week we have ahead! Tonight is Kayden's spring music program. (It's 22 degrees out but it's spring?!?) My mom and brothers' families are coming here Saturday to celebrate Easter! And Sunday we get to praise our risen Savior!
For a sneak peek into the progress of our adoptive families: one has submitted their application for adoption; one has their completed homestudy and 600 at our local CIS, awaiting FP appointment; one has their 800 app and homestudy at NBC/CIS and has a FP appointment this month; and one is awaiting a referral.
Speaking of adoption, I've heard this disturbing statement three times in the last few months: "China has shut down." I'm here to tell ya' that China has NOT shut down. Granted, the NSN referral wait has slowed to an infinite crawl, but China has not stopped its international adoption program. Every month a new list of medical needs waiting children is uploaded to the shared agency database and every few months participating agencies receive additional files for placement. In fact, you can view our agencies current waiting China children here.
I don't understand why people who know nothing feel the need to share their wisdom. Just try and tell Karla or Lily that 'China has shut down.'
May you have an encounter with God this week!

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