Saturday, March 21, 2009

Zoo day!

The kids are feeling much better - thank you for the prayers. We kinda wore them out yesterday by taking them to the zoo, but it's the last few days of spring break ...
It's just a trip to the zoo - what's with all the stuff?

Look at the fish!
Best seat in the house

Whose the tourist?!?
He's felt better

One is much too cool for this picture stuff

S'long, monkeys. See you next time.

Always a pose

Let's go eat!

And that was pretty much the extent of our spring break fun. Hope yours was good!


holly m. said...

I love the zoo! Looks like the all the treasures had a wonderful day! The pic of you and the kiddos,(you in the hat)I had to look twice, thought you were one of the kids!~:)

Tammy said...

What a fun day! I love all of the pics. They brought back memories of Guangzhou. :) We're planning to visit the zoo Friday, but the weather may change our plans.

Andrea said...

We obviously think the same way!
Sun comes out and we go to the zoo.

We have a small zoo about an hour from here.
Kids can't run off and it is clean and the animals are well kept.

We love it.

Your pics are great.

How in the world did you get Little Man to ride in the wagon?!?!?
I have to strap mine in.;)


Andrea said...

Today I am going to light my JOY!
I am pouting about my LOA.;)


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