Thursday, March 19, 2009

So, What's Next?

Glad you asked! As of today, we have submitted ALL documentation necessary to put us in line for a referral from the Shared Agency Waiting Child List (not sure that has sunk in just yet). A new list should be coming out in the next few weeks; however, we are not necessarily expecting to be matched that quickly. If not this time, perhaps next time. We are gladly on God's time table.
So basically, we have submitted our dossier for Lifeline to have authenticated then forward to CCAA (China Center for Adoption Affairs) or DTC (Dossier To China). Ten days or so after DTC we will be logged in (LID or Log In Date), which will be an official landmark in the paper process. I don't know what the new expected wait to travel from referral is, but I'm guessing late summer, early fall.
I want to praise God for His amazing plans and moving in the hearts of those who seek Him. There are three other families in our church who have responded to the call to adopt, and we are so thankful to be in the company of David & April, Dale & Tina and Tino & Ruth. That's four families in our church on the same journey to God's heart. This is not a large church, folks. We average an attendance of 100! Certainly God isn't just speaking adoption into the hearts of people - He's working in missions, children's ministry, youth, music and calling us to be a house of prayer!
And now, it has occurred to me I haven't posted pix of the kiddos in a while, so here ya' go.
Yeah, Baby, there's what the Approval looks like! It's not called an I171H anymore.
In all the busy-ness, we found time to visit the park.

Maybe there's a different way down ...
That's my Kayden, always on the lookout for flowers for Mom!

My little man hasn't been feeling well

But this one feels good!

This is the way we watch TV, watch TV, watch TV ...

Mommy's little cuddle bunny

He doesn't feel good, but he always wants to help Daddy.

Kolton making jerky.

Kuyler will come in late Friday night. He spent spring break on missions training. We'll have all the peeps in the nest for a few days anyway!


April said...

I know that these families have been touched and called by God. But I must add that He has worked through as well. We pray all the time that He will use us in a way to remember. Well Connie and Clayton, He has worked through you both and touched so many lives. I am so glad to have you in my life, and to be able to call you any time with adoption questions..... :) So glad to see your process, because we know we are close behind!

Tammy said...

You're soooo close to seeing your new daughter!!! How exciting!! I love the photos. :)

Andrea said...

Cool about the other LL families.
Ya know I love em'.
So glad you are ready to be matched.
Praying for your daughter and Lily's Lock-In finger!
ya know it is the FASTEST in the!


PS I got new pics from adele @ BLESSED KIDS! I am going to post them tonight.

Jodi said...

connie! how exciting!
can't wait to see her little face!

your church sounds like ours - small church but also not afraid to get down and get dirty! so excited for our church as we all grow and begin adoptions!!! :)

God is doing great things through those who allow Him too!

hollym. said...

Wow, Connie! Things are really moving along seemingly well. You're going to have to write an adoption How to book!:)

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