Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Maturing Mom of Many

I have renamed myself Maturing (not to be confused with Wise) Mom of Many! As an MMM I have resigned myself to several things:
I will never have fewer than five loads of laundry needing some kind of attention
I will take very few baths or showers alone
I will conduct every conversation in fragments, never concluding any topic
I will speak slightly louder than the constant roar
I will always need three carts for grocery shopping
I will never use less than three pounds of meat for any given meal
I will always find it more enjoyable shopping for kids’ clothing than my own
I will have a new ‘exercise’ routine consisting of catching, chasing, wiping, kissing and rocking
I will re-define clean as acceptably sanitary

I will never require a full night's sleep
I will never experience the wind in my face as I drive a sports car
I will always get the “Are they all yours?” glance from strangers
I will get to experience college, high school, junior high, elementary and pre-school for many years, sometimes simultaneously
I will re-define the term ‘investment’
I will always love my husband for radically obeying God
I will always have an answer for the hope that I have
I will always be grateful that God’s amazing plans trumped my own average dreams!


Andrea said...


It is a roller coaster ride........
But don't ya just LOVE a roller coaster?


Kim said...

Amen Sister!! I am right their with ya...don't you just love to proudly beam and say"YES THEY ARE ALL MINE!!!" ...and as for the 3 grocery carts,ugh... if my boys keep eating so much, I may have to go to four.
I am so grateful that God has taken us on this journey and that we were so blessed to meet you and your family!
Kim (and clan)

Keith, Judy, David, Jeremiah, and Hannah said...

You never cease to amaze me!

Jill and Rick said...

Connie, I LOVE this!! I think I need to add a couple to my list:

I can enjoy expecting children and grandchildren simultaneously.

I'll never be able to keep the room warm enough for the kids yet cool enough to tame hot flashes!

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