Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shaohannah's Hope article

We found our mug shot on page 3 of the Autumn 2008 issue of Shaohannah's Hope Today - lol! Actually, it was in response to a request they send many families regarding adoption advice. I will warn you this is a very touching and difficult issue to read because it also includes "Remembering Maria." Our family has been very blessed by Shaohannah's Hope and the faith walk of the Chapman family.


Martha said...

So neat.

Can I have your autograph?

Andrea said...

I love them.
We have been Monthly supp.'s
since 2004.
They are just all good folks.
I miss maria and I cannot imagine walkin' in the shoes of that family.
They are an inspirational bunch.

So now you are a celebrity...COOL!


Keith, Judy, David, Jeremiah, and Hannah said...

Hmmm, that picture was taken a few days how times have changed!!

Glad Kambry is sleeping better. We haven't had those issues, but Hannah is obstinate! If I had a quarter for every time she said "no" in a single day, I could go on a cruise!

Miss you guys!

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