Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Officially Forever a Johnson

On May 11, 2016 our littlest man officially became Kaison Joel Johnson, forever a son and brother!

We truly appreciate your prayers!  Every day we see progress.  With progress comes regress as well.  We may get giggles and talking for 20 minutes, and then we get a brokenhearted little guy.
This was our progress on Tuesday morning: he let me carry him!

But he soon returned to his sullen self after breakfast, especially when we entered the civil affairs office again.  Bittersweet.

We praise God that Cho-Cho is forever our precious son!
Always near his Baba...
he might let Mama feed him :)

His ability to trust will take time.  We know he will be okay.  He doesn't know that yet.  We know we have his best interest at heart.  He doesn't know that yet.  We know he is fiercely loved.  He doesn't know that yet.

Baby steps, precious boy, baby steps.  Please continue to pray, dear friends.


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