Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Gotcha, 2 Days Later

Here's a recap in pictures...
We were ready!  And excited!
We arrived at Civil Affairs at 10, and Kaison Joel was waiting for us.

He was not amused.

Poor baby even got a scolding.

And still, he wanted to return to all that is "home"

It is heartbreaking.

And then he found comfort in his Baba.  Daddy remains his rock.  He can't leave the room without sobs of fear.  Daddy has taken on the role of nurturer, and I am the one who feeds little man.  I know this is common and will pass.  Still it is hard.  But I steal kisses all day long.  And little man is sleeping between us and doesn't mind me :)  He needs a rock.  He needs security.  He needs safety.  He has chosen Daddy.  And that is good.

We signed the guardianship papers, and the harmonious period began.

Tuesday we returned to Civil Affairs to finalize the adoption.  There are pictures...
Today we will spend 8 hours in the van traveling to Kaison's orphanage city to apply for his passport.  Little man will spend 8 hours either on Daddy's lap or sitting as close to him as possible.  And I will sit as close to little man as possible, sandwiching him between us :) 

He doesn't want to change clothes, and for now we are good with that.  He has been loved well.  It will take time for him to trust.  But trust will come.  It will.  We love him fiercely.  


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Thandi said...

Thank you for not sugarcoating it. My husband and I are pretty open to 'older' children, mainly because 'everyone' tends to want babies yet we have a huge problem in SA...And no-one blogs about older baby/child adoption so we don't know what to expect. Thank you.

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