Tuesday, May 3, 2016

16 Hours, Y'all

It is time!  I plan to post updates here as our VPN and connection allows. 

Thank you to everyone who has poured into us through your prayers and giving. May the Lord bless you!  

Both our $5000 and $3000 matching grant were filled, and then a weekend garage sale and some surprise gifts this week brings us to FULLY FUNDED!!  Only our heavenly Father could meet a need so big!  We praise HIM and thank YOU for walking this journey with us. 

In 16 hours we will be on our first flight, and we would appreciate your prayers.
*uneventful travel and all connections 
*our 7 minor children at home and the families caring for them 
*our grown kids 
*kaison's broken heart
*health for Clayton, Kayden and I 

And now...

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Jo's Corner said...

I pray that you will create wonderful, unforgettable memories on this trip. And, for good heath, a tender young heart to be opened in a way that only our Father God can do. And, for Peace for everyone in you family. Love, Love, Love you my friend! - Jo

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