Monday, May 16, 2016

Catching Up!

We unpacked the Play-Doh before we left Zhengzhou...

And it was a hit!
So was Dinosaur Train.
And do you notice the different outfit?  Little man was reluctant to take a bath, but once he was in the tub, he could have stayed forever!  So then it was only appropriate to change clothes.

He actually let Mama hold him for breakfast...once.
We said goodbye to Danielle and Zhengzhou.
And little man took his first flight!  He did amazing!
Checked into the Garden Hotel in GZ, and Dinosaur Train still works :) 

Saturday morning was the medical exam, and I really wanted to take Kaison by myself.  I wanted to give Daddy a break, especially for his back.  Daddy handed him off to me as we walked out of the hotel, we were whisked onto the bus, he whined for a second and then all was well.  He was a dream!  The medical exam went much smoother than expected, and little man let me comfort him after his TB blood draw.

That night we visited our favorite noodle house.  They serve the best wheat tea!

We strolled back through the garden.

Sunday was the first time Kaison woke up happy.  Really happy.  He wasn't disoriented.  He was happy!
We were blessed to attend International Church as a group!
After church we went to Shamian Island, and after a little shopping, we enjoyed lunch at Lucy's.
Lucy's has the best chicken congee!
This is the view from our room!
Monday we went to the zoo.  It was a long walk for Daddy with little man in his arms, but we all enjoyed it.

And on the way back to the hotel, another first!  He buckled without a struggle.  *thinking of the 2-hour car ride from the airport here*

This afternoon we opted to stay in so Kaison could get the nap he really needs.  Four hours so far...
We really appreciate your prayers.  Each day is better and better!


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lizzielou said...

Praying for you all Connie! Your little man is so very adorable sweet friend! Sending you love xoxoxoxo

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