Saturday, April 26, 2014

This Week Is...

Oh, but aren't they all?
I'm probably overthinking it.  Or maybe I underthunk it when I planned it all.

*Senior pictures should be matched with the announcements this weekend, addressed and mailed by Monday.

*There's some sort of school dinner Monday night - the first of many end-of-year banquety type things.

*Tuesday I'm just going to work and will let the Daddy handle the two doctor's appointments.

*Wednesday we report to Children's at 6:30 a.m. so Kinley Grace and Kennah-Bug can have their back-to-back surgeries.  We hope to be released by late afternoon but may have to spend the night.

*Wednesday evening Daddy will leave the hospital to attend the state FFA convention where Kolton Tee will be recognized for receiving the State FFA Degree!

*Thursday morning we report to another surgical center for Khloie to have her eye surgery, which should be easy peasy.

*Thursday also ends our first fundraiser for this bad boy ~
(Thank you to those who have already given and shared!!!) 

*Friday is recovery day, until someone tells me differently.

*Saturday is Oklahoma Hearts for Adoption's first annual craft fair!

*Sunday we honor 8th grade and senior graduates at church.

*I think we've completed every bit of paper work to this point in the adoption process, and we will be starting our home study soon.

Maybe, just maybe, we will receive PA for our little man this week and can share his picture with you!!!!

Whether we are at work or at rest, may God be glorified!

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Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Hopefully everything goes without a hitch! Have a great weekend and enjoy all the wonderful blessings of all that is going on.

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