Thursday, April 17, 2014

In The Scheme of Things *Announcement*

We've been pondering the brevity of our lives lately, a lot.
We've been seeking perspective.
And this is what we've come up with.
In the scheme of things, our lives on this Earth are very short.
In the very short time we have, what difference will we make?
The Bible says this world is not our home. (1 Pet 2:11)
But we still pass through.
In passing, what mark will we leave?
We bring nothing when we arrive, and we take nothing when we go.
There are temporal investments and eternal investments.

We've prayerfully decided to make a deposit.
An investment.
It will reap an amazing return.

The journey will be costly.
But in the scheme of things...
What is ~

It will require faith.
But we serve a God who does the impossible.
We put our hope in Him.
His faithfulness never fails, even when we lack faith.
We are not saviors, rescuers or redeemers.
We are ordinary folks.  Parents.  Sinners saved by grace.  Believers.
We serve the Living God.
We want to live by His Word.
We are no better than anyone else.  We battle the flesh moment by moment daily.
We desire to be counter-cultural.  Not so we can stand out.  So He can be magnified.
Not every Christian can or should adopt.
And just because someone adopts doesn't make them a Christian.
But if we call ourselves Christians we ought not blend into the world.
We ought to live by a different standard.
Not a societal swaying with the wind.  But a rock solid Foundation.
God has placed a desire in our hearts that we can't ignore.
We are heartbroken for the plight of the orphan.
That desire and heartache mixed with faith as small as a mustard seed causes us to move.
May we run this race with endurance and for His glory!
Because in the scheme of things, it will be a short race to an eternal finish.

It is with pure joy that we introduce Baby K.....!!!
He will soon be orphaned no more!!!

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.
John 14:18


Joy Altman said...

Oh Connie, that is so, so wonderful. Thank you for your obedience to our Jesus. Thank you for standing for the fatherless. I can't wait to hear how your story and this little one's story intertwine to become one. I know it's going to be amazing.

chavafor4 said...

Happy for you guys!!

The Rosses said...

Love, Love, Love!!! So excited!!

groovy mama said...

You are awesome! U hear the cry & the call! Love u! Hugs & congrats!

Sally-Girl! said...

Can't wait to hear more!!

Krista Ranck said...

Woohoo! So excited for you guys!

MamaV said...

Congratulations!!! He has a cute mouth...

Jodi said...

I am so happy for all of you. Baby K is a lucky child to be joining such a wonderful family!

Donna S said...


Sarah said...

I am over the moon thrilled that you all are adopting a little man this time. We serve a faithful God. He knows and he cares!

Winslow Gang said...

Oh..this is soooo awesome!! Praying for you!

lizzielou said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU ALL CONNIE!!!!!!!!!! Praise GOD!

Laine said...

!!! Sooooo excited Connie!!! Will add y'all back to the adopting prayer board!!!!

quilt'n-mama said...

I am excited to hear your news! Can't wait to hear more about Baby K!

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