Sunday, July 21, 2013

This Week

Things will change forever for Khloie this week.

 Her eye surgery is scheduled for Thursday.
Dr. T is doing a medial rectus recession - bilateral.
Basically that means he will remove the muscles from her eyes and move them backward to allow her eyes to come into a straighter position.

We are so grateful for Dr. T and so excited that Khloie will be able to see without so much effort.

However, our family has come to love  our beautiful baby-of-the-family, and her appearance will be different.

She will still be the one who wears everyone else's shoes around the house, tries to wear everyone else's clothes, and yells, "Mommmaaayyyy," when someone is in her space.

And maybe she will walk with confidence without running into things

No matter what, she will be our beautiful Khloie-bug!


bytheriver said...

Hope she did great!

MamaV said...

How are Khloie's eyes?

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