Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Khloie Update ~ Praises!

Where do I even begin? 
I have become a terribly lax blogger.  Blame corn harvest; blame the number of doctor's visits...
nah, just blame me for not making the time.  
But this little update is well worth it! 
So much has happened in the last week.

First, Khloie had her sedated MRI 10 days ago.
I was a little nervous taking her by myself since it was her first experience with anesthesia since coming home.  But she did awesome!
Then she had eye surgery 5 days ago. 

She was scheduled for a bi-lateral rectus recession for infantile esotropia (crossed eyes).
The surgery only lasted an hour, and Little Miss recovered well, so we left the hospital within a few hours and with noticeable change!

This picture was taken 2 days after surgery!  She just has this glow about her.  We've even seen improvement in her motor skills since surgery.

Then on Friday we met her neurologist to discuss the MRI results.  We were believing for a miracle.  We serve an awesome God!!!
In Dr. Norman's words: "She is a miracle baby."  Here MRI images are frightening, to say the least.  They confirm extensive brain damage due to 'an event' either pre-birth or soon after.  So much so that such an event would typically render her unable to walk or talk and would certainly affect her vision.  The miracle is that her brain has compensated and re-wired to perform these functions in other areas of the brain that are not damaged.
She still has the diagnosis of CP, and the good news is that it is not progressive!  We should not expect to see diminished physical function!  She might experience learning difficulties and have to work extra hard in school.  But truly, she is a miracle!
Thank you, JESUS!!!


MamaV said...

Wow. Praise God! What a resilient girlie!
Thanks for the update!

Jodi said...

Thank you Jesus!!! Such a beautiful little girl!

Hope Rising Farm said...

I have been watching your family as you brought Chloe home...we saw you on Kangas's website...their daughter is sister to an adoptive family that are dear friends of ours.

What an amazing story that can only point to the amazing God we serve...we have seen this time and time again with our special needs medical kiddos...they say we have never seen this kind of growth in a child with this, he should have been back in counseling now to deal with all of his issues, we never expected him to talk or read (he never stops and is on a 5th grade level!) The lists go on and we can only say it is because of the ONE we Serve...the Lord Jesus Christ!

Keep sharing those moments with us when you get a chance...they are so encouraging to those of us in the adoption community when we look at a child and say that is scarey...it is never scarey to Him! No pressure but loving your story as it unfolds!

Judy Deaton said...

her eyes look so amazing! She was and is adorable!! I was wondering about the brain damage MRI's. Our daughter had a routine MRI before her Cochlear implant surgery and they found all kinds of white lesions on her brain. They did extensive reflex testing and Infectious disease research and even sent her results to Mayo.....all to decide it was from some kind of old infection. They said her MRI's looked like an advanced case of adult MS. So was just curious what Chloe's looked like.

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