Friday, July 5, 2013

Family 4th!!!

We had such a blessed 4th of July!
Daddy and some of the Krew shucked a bag of last year's corn for the family gathering.

Brother sharing his Costa Rican hammock with baby sisters.


 This is last year's corn, people!  Mr. Greenthumb is da' man!

 Cuuuuute-as-a-button cousins!
 Aren't they precious :)

 Oh my, wait till he's 16!
 Cooler corn!  It's just as easy and delicious as it sounds!

 Grill Master, Mr. Greenthumb!  Oh, he also makes pickles!
 Some of the handsome big cousins came too!  

 Sister, that's a burger!

We finally got the little pool ready!

Celebrating this beautiful Treasure, Kayden Faith!  *more pix later*

 We also celebrated these Treasures' birthdays: Grandma, Uncle Kirk and Aunt Sheri.

What a blessed day!  Thank you, family!!!


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

The corn looks fantastic! So happy you had a wonderful day! Happy Birthday to Kayden.

Chris said...

The plates with "naked" hotdogs make me smile. that's how our littles like them can eat 3 hotdogs that way!Gotta look back for your recipe on cooler corn.

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