Monday, July 8, 2013

Cooler Corn *delicious and easy*

You might be a redneck if...

Oh, never mind :)  Call me whatever you want, this is good!
If you need to use up last year's corn to make room for fresh, if you're planning a large gathering, or if you just like sweet corn on the cob, this is easy peasy.

Cooler Corn
*Shuck the desired amount of corn.
*since ours was frozen, we thawed it a bit, then shucked it*
*Place the clean corn in a clean ice chest.
*Pour enough boiling water over the corn just to cover it, then close the lid.
*In 30 minutes you have perfectly cooked cooler corn!  No kidding!

Now, go be a hero!
And praise the Lord for His provision!!!


Shelley B. said...

How do you freeze your corn? Looks delicious!

Russ Laflamme said...

My children were wanting a form earlier today and used a great service that has a lot of sample forms . If people are requiring it too , here's

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