Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One Down...a Million to Go

Things checked off my to-do list, that is.
I sent the visa apps today.
And I've emailed NVC to request a copy of our cable to China but haven't heard back yet.

Cool story.  Yesterday afternoon I got into the Beast to go to work.  Okay, I usually drive the suburban when it's just me because it's so much smaller, but yesterday I drove the Beast. *important to note*  I drove to the mailbox, got out to check the mail, got back in, and as I put it into gear, I noticed something tucked under the windshield wiper.  It was an envelope with several of these:

This is amazing on so many levels!  First of all, it was in a tithe envelope so it must've been placed there during or after church on Sunday.  Secondly, it didn't blow off as we drove home in the extreme north wind.  And finally, it was a complete surprise to us!  
So, to our anonymous angel, whoever you are, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for investing in Khloie's life and helping bring her home!  May God bless you abundantly!!!

Next up, more plans for Both Hands and a reminder of some of the cool things on our side bar.

We've sold 67 of the most amazing tees ever!  Our Wild Olive Tee fundraiser is still going on, but we'll have to end it soon so the funds can be sent to Lifeline.  There's still time to order!  Our family receives $10 toward bringing Khloie home for each tee sold!!!  If we sold 100 tees, that would be a smooth thousand!  That's only 33 more tees.
If you'd like to check them out, go to the Wild Olive Tee Adoption Fundraiser page, select your tee(s) and upon checking out, please use our family code: JOHNSON704.  Thanks!!!!

And then there's this baby!  We draw for it in 15 days!  You can check out the details in this post!

Now, back to work for me...

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Mama Ds Dozen said...

LOVE this line . . .

"I usually drive the suburban . . . because it's so much smaller"

Most people think a suburban is a BIG vehicle, but those of us with extra large families know differently. :)

We drove a 15 passenger Ford Van (3 of them) for 20 years. Last year we "downsized" to a Ford Excursion (since we "only" had 6 kids left at home). The Excursion is still a VERY BIG vehicle (bigger than a Suburban), so we love to say it is our "downsized" truck.

Hugs & Prayers as you walk the last steps of this journey. Rejoicing with you over the wonderful GIFT!

mama of 12

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