Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In With the New ~ A Journey

Welcome, 2013!
We are in for big changes here on the farm.
To name a few, Khloie will come home *squeal*.  My second eldest will turn 18 *what?!?*  
Okay, never mind.  We'll just wait and see what great things God has planned.

Have you started your B90X reading?  I started early this morning, and I'm so excited about this journey.  
*I've found that early morning is best for me because I can never find an hour to sit down after the krew arises.  
*Yes, it takes me an average of an hour (maybe a little longer once we get into Leviticus ;-)  
*This may require changes in your schedule.  It certainly does for me.  But it's well worth it.   
*During this time I don't do any other devotions.  Instead, I focus on passages that spoke to me or raised my curiosity during the daily reading, and I study them in the MacArthur Commentary that my rockin' awesome son Kuyler gave us for Christmas.  *This is not a speed read, nor is it a devotion.  It is a time of worship as we read God's Holy Word in chronological order.  
*The thing that hooked me on the 90-day plan is that I read enough to 'get it'.  Instead of jumping from OT to NT, to Psalms and Proverbs, it's cover to maps.  I love it!  
*And can I just say that I want to encourage you in this journey.  If you fall behind, don't be discouraged!  I would suggest that rather than giving up, you move ahead to the next day's reading.  This may motivate you to eek out some extra time to go back and 'fill in the gaps'.  
*This is not a contest.  It's a journey.  It's not about the end.  It's all about the journey.  
*What will God reveal to you as you meet with Him daily?  As my friend, Jodi, said, it changed her life!  I don't know about you, but I am willing for God to change my life!

To ring out the old year, we had a quiet little celebration.  Well, maybe quiet isn't the word.  But we did celebrate.  With fellowship.  And food.

I made some tasty little peanut clusters.

And caramel.  It was heavenly!  No wax paper this time.  And yes, there is one side of parchment paper that is not waxed ;-)

And Payday bars.

And rolled pizza.

And cornflake cookies and turtles.
May the first day of the new year bring abundant blessings to you!!!


Mama Ds Dozen said...

Hoping to join you in the 90 Day Read Thru the Bible.

Your Party Food looks YUMMY!

Can you pass along the recipe for "Rolled Pizza"? I've never heard of it.

Blessings to you in the New Year!

Laurel :)
mama of 12

MamaV said...

I am already in the middle of a 'failed' B90X, so I am just going to go with that for now. It's true! It does change your life!

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