Saturday, January 5, 2013

B90X Reading Plan, Week II

January 7  - January 13
Monday, Jan 7: Exodus 29:1-Exodus 40:38
Tuesday, January 8: Leviticus 1:1-Leviticus 14:32
Wednesday, January 9: Leviticus 14:33-Leviticus 26:26 
Thursday, January 10: Leviticus 26:27- Numbers 8:14
Friday, January 11: Numbers 8:15- Numbers 21:7
Saturday, January 12: Numbers 21:8-Numbers 32:19
Sunday, January 13: Numbers 32:20-Deuteronomy 7:26 

How was your first week?
Were you amazed at all the events in Genesis?!?
How can I encourage you this week?

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likeschocolate said...

Thanks for posting week 2! I have a little eading to carch up on! Thanks again!

Bebe said...

So far, so good. Although the stories are so familiar, some of the details and the length of time people waited for God's promise to come to pass were insightful.

Bebe said...

I'm reading from my Joyce Meyer Amplified Bible & I wish I had the time to read all her commentary to; one if her comments in Leviticus reflected exactly what I was thinking - thank You Jesus for being my perfect sacrifice for sin

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