Saturday, July 7, 2012

Yes, We Are...

We are...
in love with Jesus.
imperfect parents.
sinners saved by grace.
completely dependent upon the Father.
disappointed in ourselves daily.
adopting again.

Yes, we are.

We've pondered this little announcement.
Honestly, if we could do this privately, we would probably opt for that.
But maybe the journey has much to do with the destination.
Because we know we are not equipped.
We know we are not capable.
We know we are not strong enough.
But we know the One who is all the above and so much more!
We realize we need to look to Him for assurance now more than ever.
And we trust Him for direction every step of the way.
As my friend Sonia so beautifully says, 'kids are dying.'
And yet we go on with our comfy life.
Can we 'save' them all?
Can we make a difference for one?
Probably the biggest difference is made in our own hearts.
We are being refined.
We are NOT, I repeat NOT 'working our way to heaven.'
That deal is done. Sealed. When Jesus died on the cross and we (in our much-adult years) surrendered our lives to Him.

This is what we know:
There are over 147 million orphans
We are one family
There is this one little girl
We are her family
Someday maybe she will follow hard after the Lord
For now, we are committed to work wholeheartedly to bring her home
And we can't make this journey a private one because we are fundraising our way to her
Oh, the 'f' word
But the sooner we start fundraising, the sooner she comes home
We can't wait to share her with you
We cherish your prayers

In 50 years this won't make any difference to the nay-sayers, but it will surely have made a difference for us and for one little girl.


Amie said...

YEAH, BABY!!!! That's what I'm talking' about!!! RADICAL CRAZY LOVE!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for stepping out in Faith, and answering the "CALL.". I CANNOT WAIT to hear about this sweet little mama!!! And I CANNOT WAIT to have the blessing to help LOVE her home!!!! PRAISE THE LORD, another little one is coming home. Chills... tears.... dancing!!! GOD IS GOOD!!! Happy Happy day!! :) Amie

From This Moment said...

So happy for you!! Congratulations! Praying for you all!

Dardi said...

Beautiful announcement...Love it! XO

Yvette said...

Yeah so very excited for you all!!

Sarah said...

Congrats!! Can't wait to follow along on your journey!! Love your blog!

Jen said...

Ok... I just burst into tears when I read this! Maybe it's because I'm so emotional right now because I'm "paper pregnant" but I don't think so. Your heart, your family's heart, is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! I feel like God is not only working in your hearts but in the hearts of all of us who witness, if not personally at least in the bloggy world, what lives committed to Jesus can do. Through His more than capable hands we will accomplish more than we could ever imagine. Your family and new little girl are in my prayers. Cannot wait to see the sweetie that will be joining your wonderful family!

lizzielou said...

Praise God! Very excited and happy for you all Connie! Can't wait to see her! xoxoxoox

Judi said...

Congratulations! I came across your blog via facebook when someone I knew posted the link! What a beautiful family!

Jodi said...

YAHOOOO!!!!!! Gooooooo GOD!!!!! Thank you for saying YES! Love y'all!!!! Soooo much!

Rebekah said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to hear all about her!

Laine said...

So so so excited Connie!!!! Singing praises...
Love you!!!!!

Difference2This1 said...

Love your hearts! As always...only encouragement from here as you seek to make this difference to THIS girl. Can't wait to watch her journey home! Blessings, Jennifer

Tim said...

Congratulations to another orphan having a family find them to love.

The one line that struck home and hopefully others 'get' - "We are being refined."

How much more am I willing to be refined?

Serving the King said...

Crazy, KAH-RAZY excited for you!!!!! Can't wait to see that little one's sweet face and can't wait to see her in the arms of a family!! Love!! Congratulations dear friend!!

Karin said...

Awesome news!! Congratulations and can't wait to 'meet' her!!! :)

Our Family said...

Beautifully written, beautiful family. Blessings.

Michelle said...

Awesome and inspiring news!! We are also renewing our hs and planning on going back. And so the refining continues.... :-)

Jean said...

OH YAY!! Congratulations!
You just said it all so well- I was having a down moment and then read your post- Praise GOD!!

So excited for all of you AND can't wait to see your treasure!!

Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

We are just getting started on another adoption, too! Maybe we'll meet up in GZ. :)

groovy mama said...

Super congrats to ur big ole heart & for lovin the least!!!!
Who cares what others say, r they raising the child? Blah, if you have the energy-u go!!! I am all out of it & I only have 4!!!
Hugs & so happy,can't wait to see a face:-)

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