Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just to Kill Time

I'm trying to stay busy while waiting on Pre-Approval.
That's not really hard to do around these parts - stay busy, that is.
I'm dying to tell you about our girl, about how the Lord revealed her to us, and the way He moved our hearts. Oh, and pictures. I can't wait to share her pictures!
We are certain He has amazing things in store.
We don't want to move ahead of Him, but rather let Him orchestrate every step.
It's so hard to ask for help *gulp*.
But as He continues to refine us, we are so humbled that He would allow us to parent another precious child.
He knows we don't have the funds.
We knew we would need to work hard from LetterOfIntent to ConsulateAppointment.
And that's why we've currently got 3 fundraisers going on.
We are so grateful to those who have shared, contributed and prayed.
It became very real today when we received the invoice for our home study.
Under China's newest regulations, families must use a Hague-accredited home study agency, which means we are starting from square one.
Our first visit is July 30th, and our fees must be paid prior to that.
The invoice for the home study and post-placement reports is $4100!
Consequently, our Nikon D5100 fundraiser ends July 30th! That's less than two weeks away!
I can't even fathom what He is going to do in that time frame!

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