Friday, July 13, 2012

Faith and Hope

My friend Stacy creates beautiful jewelry to help fundraising families bring their Treasures home through Jubilee's Jewels. When Stacy asked me to give her a few words that describe our journey, I didn't hesitate. This journey to our newest Treasure is defined by hope and faith.
Hope for a little girl who is orphaned no more.
Faith that the Lord will provide all we need to bring her home.
And here is her beautifully unique creation~
What an awesome gift, even for yourself :)
Here's the skinny:
Stacy takes care of all the designing and ordering here
Each necklace is $30, and our family receives $15 of that to be paid to our agency, Lifeline Children's Services, toward our adoption fees.
Stacy, we are so grateful for your beautiful heart!


Annie said...

Just posted on my FB page Connie!

Rebekah said...

So excited for you! We are also a LL family in process again! Now I really can't wait to see who your sweet girl is!

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