Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Tee for a K

Say what???
We have chosen a name! *subject to change of course*
But our newest Treasure's name is:
Kimmie Beth Johnson!!!
Beth is short for Elizabeth which means God's promise. Love that!
And now for the "tee" part of this post :)
When my friend Lori was here we both just happened to be wearing the same Wild Olive Tee, which just happens to be one of the adoption fundraiser tees!
Sooooo, you too can look as innocent as this~
as suspicious as this~
as surprised as this~
and as fun as this~
Just go to the Wild Olive Tees Adoption Fundraiser tab, select from one of the 33 tees available, and please use our family code JOHNSON704 when you check out.
Thank you from the bottom of our tee-ny hearts!


Laine said...

KIMMIE! I love it! You know I'm partial to that! I know she'll be sweet as sugar like our Kimmie! :)

April said...

It is a PEFECT name for her. I love it!

CarrieT said...

Congratulations! Will be praying for Kimmie to arrive home in short order! :-)

Carrie T.

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