Saturday, October 29, 2011

Home from St. Louis!

It was quite eventful. But it was good, nonetheless.
First the bad news; then the good :)
We left at 4:30 am Thursday to arrive in Tulsa by 7:30, where we would load up in the Shriner's van.
We are SO grateful for the Shriners!
We arrived in St. Louis at 3 pm Thursday, and they checked us into a hotel. Little Miss was quite comfortable.
We were able to reunite with our friends, Terry and Diane, for supper! We traveled together in 2009, and this is the first time we've seen them since then. It's the only picture I have - sorry for the creep-eye; guess we were looking at the other hunky cameraman.
We were so excited for Kasidi's appointments the following morning, and we were sleeping fine...until I suddenly got sick. Really sick. I'm pretty sure my sickness had nothing to do with the e-coli outbreak in St. Louis, but it sure felt like it.
Even though I was still sick Friday morning, we went to the hospital because we'd traveled so far and waited so long. By then Clayton was feeling sick too - oh no! We spotted the nearest restrooms so we could make the run to lose our cookies (which we did). Between the two of us, we downed 6 bottles of Dasani from the vending machine. And by the time we left at 1:30 we were even more grateful we weren't driving ourselves. CJ hunkered down in the back of the van, and I rested against Kasidi's car seat all the way to Tulsa.
When we got back into Tulsa around 9 pm we'd checked in with the four families keeping the rest of our Krew, and they were willing to keep them another night so we could check into a hotel and try to recover from whatever had knocked us out.
Saturday morning neither of us felt like eating, but we were much better! And Kasidi was a trooper through the whole thing!
I can't say it enough: Thank you to the families who kept our kiddos! And thank you for praying for us!
Now for Kasidi's appointments~

First we saw the neurologist, and he felt really good about where she's at. The fact that she has feeling in her feet is good. The pictures the orphanage took before Kasidi's surgery were such a blessing, because he could see the different tissue that was in her meningocele. He didn't want to take any images because she doesn't have any symptoms of hydrocephalus. So we don't have to see him again for a year!

Next we say the urologist. He also was impressed with where she's at, and thinks she will be able to potty train successfully. Other than returning in 2 months for a kidney ultrasound and cath test, he doesn't want to see her till next year either!

Then we saw the physical therapist and occupational therapist. PT gave us some more stretching exercises to use and recommended AFO braces.

So when we saw the orthopedist, she prescribed the AFO braces and said we don't need to come back till next year! They also think that once she gets the braces on, she'll be walking in no time!

Kasidi was casted for braces, and we'll go back in 2 months to have them fitted and do the urology tests. All in all, it was a great visit with the best news we could hope for! Thank You, JESUS!


Cari said...

ah man, conni! i'm so sorry to hear that you both got so sick on this road trip...ugh! but so glad that you are feeling better, back home and that your baby girl had such great news from all the doctors...Praise God!

Jennifer said...

Oh my sakes! Bless your sweet heart. Really glad to hear the great news about little miss and all the docs! Yay!!! :)

Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you were sick but it sounds like you got a great prognosis from the spina bifida clinic. Kasidi is so high-functioning and SO adorable - I just love that sweet, sweet smile. I have to tell you that you got me completely ADDICTED to Wild Olive shirts - even though we're heading into winter here in New England (and we're in the middle of a crazy snowstorm tonight) I got several new t-shirts just a couple of months ago - I've been wearing them alone since the weather's been so warm but I'll layer them as it gets colder. They are so comfy, easy to care for, they look great, and I love wearing the Word! I have the "So Loved" shirt you're wearing in your photo and had to smile when I saw it - thanks for introducing me to Wild Olive!

thesleepyknitter said...

Praising God for your good news! and thankful you made it home safely after all that sickness!

CK said...

Thankful you are feeling better! Our son has AFO's too. He used to fall many times a day, now it is only a couple times a week. Yea for the great news!

Cindy said...

Oh Connie, so sorry you were both sick on your trip! No fun. But thankful for good news for your sweet Kasidi, she is just so precious! Thanks for sharing.
Hugs and prayers.

TanyaLea said...

It's great to see Kasidi doing so well and to have such positive hope for her future from her docs! God is good!! We are still trusting Him for Khloe's full healing and continence. She is struggling in the potty training arena ~ not because of SF, but she was born with bladder extrophy, so considering all her little body went through in that first year of her life, it really is amazing that she is where she is today. But still holding onto hope in Him for her complete healing, that no further surgeries will be needed for continence. So I know and feel your mama's heart for your baby girl.

God bless you all and how FUN to see these photos of you and Diane together. Tia has gotten so big! I've kind of lost touch with her in the last year since we've settled home with Khloe. She was one of her sponsors when she was at NDFH and had a soft spot in her heart for Khloe. I hope all is going well with her and that Terry's health is good.

God bless you and know that I'm keeping your family in my prayers... especially with the latest news about your son. God is clearly there in your midst though, and I trust He will see you through day at a time!



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