Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Climbing Our Way to the Big Apple, Part I

We've been counting down to our trip to BG Center in NY for two months now, and suddenly we realize in two short weeks we'll be there!

In case you're not aware, the BG Center is a Center for Cognitive-Developmental Assessment and Remediation for internationally adopted children, founded by Dr. Boris Gindis.

While we don't expect a miracle in the trip itself, we do expect miracles to result from the findings of Dr. Gindis' assessment of our Teen Treasure.

We know the hard work will begin once we get home and put into play the recommendations of Dr. Gindis. We believe this assessment will provide some of the missing pieces to the puzzle of our son's history, and will equip us to help him have a successful future.

The assessment itself will take two days, and we had hoped to fly in the night before and fly out the afternoon we were finished. Surprise! Without a 3-day gap between return flights, the tickets were $1400 each!!! So we are flying in very early Sunday the 13th and won't arrive home until very late Wednesday the 16th (which reduced the tickets to $400!). We will have three and a half days in New York, but that is still less expensive than flying out and back in 48 hours.

In the last 30 days we have begun experiencing healing, and we've gotten a diagnosis that explains a lot, but we still need answers. And tools. And direction. And fast! Time is not on our side.

We committed to this assessment over two months ago, without a dime to pay for it, and the Lord has already blessed the commitment in ways we didn't expect. But we are still $1,500 short of covering the cost of the assessment. So we are going to attempt to raise the remainder of the funds in less than two weeks! No matter what, we know the Lord is faithful, and we trust Him completely!

For our first fundraiser we have these adorable squeaky shoes! There's only one of each pair because I bought them in China (and some were given to us by another family), but Kasidi never got to wear them. They are new, and the pictures don't do them justice. If you want a pair of shoes, please leave a comment or email me, and they are first come, first served.

The shoes are $20, which includes S&H inside the US.

We have set up a chip-in on the sidebar for convenience and additional fundraisers. We appreciate your help and your prayers!!!

Brown with pink flowers ~ 5.25" heel to toe

Orange with flowers ~ 5.5" heel to toe

Solid pink with pink flower ~ 5.25" heel to toe

Pink with green and orange ~ 5" heel to toe
Brown sandal ~ 5.25" heel to toe

White with pink flower ~ 5.25" heel to toe *SOLD*
"The past affects the future, but it does not have to determine it."
~Dr. Karyn Purvis~
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1 comment:

Becky Rodli said...

I would love to have the white and pink flowered pair, or the brown with pink flowers. I tried sending an email but it wants to open through outlook which I do not have. Please let me know what your email is and how to make a payment. Thanks! Becky R.

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