Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just What the Dr. Ordered *updated*

*see the update at the bottom!!!!*

I'm totally consumed with what's going on 10 hours away today!

Daddy and Kasidi Joy are at Shriner's (as if you haven't seen it posted all over my FB and received my prayer requests via text ;-).
She's got her cute new ladybug braces, and her rockin' daddy sent me two pictures!

I've been praying about these appointments and thanking God for what He is doing...and what He's already done that we don't even know about!

Now that the braces are fitted, Daddy and Kasidi are on their way to Children's to have her urodynamics tests done. My very basic understanding is that right now we are trying to maintain healthy kidneys and see if she has bladder/bowel control.

We will have answers this afternoon, and I'm thanking God in advance that Kasidi will have full control and will not need a catheter!

Thank you for your prayers!

Clayton just called me with the best possible news!

First answered prayer ~ all the tests were moved up so they are leaving 2 hours early and will be home late tonight!

Second ~ Kasidi has two completely healthy, functional kidneys!

Third ~ her bladder is also healthy and functional, and by the looks of things she will not need a catheter!

We couldn't have asked for better news today! Isn't that just like our God!!!!!

Thank you for joining us in prayer, and will you please join us in praising Him!!!


Jennifer said...

Praying for Miss K!!! :)

Lillie Family said...

prayers for kasidi joy!

Patientlywaiting said...

Who is the urologist that she is seeing? We go to Children's for our urology needs too. Praying for a good report!


Jodi said...

praise God!!!

Karin said...

SOOOOO happy for you!! Thank you, Jesus!

Mandy said...

Rejoicing with you!

CK said...

AWESOME!! I needed to read this today! Our miracle working, awe inspiring, incredible God in our midst~always!

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