Monday, November 14, 2011

Country Boys in the City

My boys are doing great in NY, despite having to pay $13 for a burger!
You're not in Kansas Oklahoma anymore, Toto. 

Really, I miss my hubby terribly, especially when I need to transport a bunch of small people.
I'm getting good reports about the sessions.  Clayton is really impressed with Dr. G and Dr. C, and our Teen Treasure is doing well.
Tuesday afternoon we will have a two-hour conference call where Dr. Gindis will discuss his findings with us.
It is confirmed that we face much hard work, but we are willing...because time is not on his side, and our boy is worth it!

Speaking of hard work, my friend Gayly is prepared to make as many necklaces as ya'll order.  Thank you to those who have spread the word and purchased yours!  She is offering this fundraiser through this Thursday, the 17th

It is so very hard to ask for help, but we've been humbled a lot lately.  The BG Center fee is $4500, and the trip expenses (airfare, accommodations, meals, transportation) are over $2000.  We obviously weren't planning for such a venture, but it was such a God thing how it came to be, and it just seems so necessary to help our son begin to heal.  So we jumped in with both feet, and the Lord has really blessed us!

We are praying that 45 necklaces would be sold, which would almost pay for the hotel.
And the Lord has proven over and over that He gives us far more than we can ask or imagine!

You can also get chances to win the beautiful pendant pictured above by sharing on your blog, on FB and the purchase of other pendants.
Please see this post for details.
Most of all, thank you for lifting us up to the Father!
There is no thing and no one beyond His redemptive power!


Patientlywaiting said...

I just ordered a necklace! The jewelry is beautiful. Hope is the middle name we have chosen for our newest treasure still waiting in China!


Cari said...

so glad to read that your boys are doing well and that God is providing! been praying for you all, Connie, and will continue to do so.

Jennifer said...

Love Gayly!! She is such a sweetie and totally gifted! :) Praying for continued success for your big guys in the Big Apple!

CK said...

I am SO thankful to hear that you are getting good reports about the sessions!! You have been on mind and in my prayers continually.

Mrs C said...

I love the chains but was wondering- is there a way to sow money to you guys without going through the purchase and the purchase price?
if you want to mail me directly either my address is
I may have commented before but I suppose I'm a 'lurker' as i read most of my blogs in my reader. I am alwasy amazed at your families love and resiliance and the Lord really blesses me through you guys. We are not yet on the adoption road but it is in our plans and so I love to be encouraged by how God moves on behalf of the orphan through willing hands. much love from Ireland x

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