Friday, October 7, 2011

Morning Routine

I love mornings that we don't have to go anywhere. It gives us therapy time.
First we try out the parallel bars...
...several different ways.

Then we walk the 'balance beam.'
Next, we transition between equipment.
And we always take time for High Fives for work well done!
You can see the determination in her face.
Three more weeks till Shriner's St. Louis!


MotherOfTwo said...

Yay! still praying for your family, Connie!

Lori said...

Gasp! She is just the cutest little pumpkin pie ever! My do you not nibble on those thighs all day long? Or maybe you do. :)

Thanks so much for your endless encouragement. I'm so grateful for who you are!

Love you!!

*Overflowing* said... precious!!!

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