Thursday, September 1, 2011

Up in Your Grill

He left his DNA.
And possibly more.
Up in my door...and the door behind me.
Kasidi, Kennah and I were making the one-and-a-half hour trip to the pediatric dentist this morning, when in broad daylight, from the trees sprang a deer. (that sounds poetic, but it wasn't)
He was fast.
Not fast enough.
In a split second I felt I had two choices: swerve and risk rolling my car, possibly injuring my babies, or hitting the critter and taking the damage.
I've never hit anything before, and I was surprised by the impact. And surprised at how sore my arms are from gripping the wheel...and my leg from mashing the brake.
Praise the Lord we are ok! I was able to drive the car, and the girls wouldn't have known anything happened but for my scream.
The up side: I get my exercise climbing over the console because my door won't open.
The adjuster will meet me next Wednesday *sigh*.
But we may be picking up the Mamavan at the airport Monday!!!!!
Lord, thank You for your protection!


MotherOfTwo said...

Thank you, Lord!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! And in your new van!! I guess you know how to handle it now though, that is for sure!!

Cari said...

SO very glad that you all are safe! I was with my girlfriend in her car one evening when a buck hit us. I can still remember it vividly and it happened almost 20 years ago.

Julie said...

So thankful you are ok!! I've unfortunately had 3 car vs deer accidents in my life. It is so frightening.

Treasures Evermore said...

Thank you Lord for your protection and knowing that you never sleep...and are watching always.

Sophie said...

Thank God you or the kids were not injured.

TanyaLea said...

Yikes! Not fun. But Praise God you are all okay!! It's crazy the damage those deer can do to a vehicle. Living in Minnesota, we have many and it is a constant concern in the evenings, but not as common in the daylight.

Take care and have a blessed weekend. Thanking God for His hedge of protection over you all! <><


Kathy said...

Thanking and praising the Lord
for His protection!

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