Friday, September 16, 2011

Truth in words

Somehow this morning I stumbled onto this blog and read this post.
I am so grateful.
Though I don't know this family, I know their struggle.
I know their joy.
I know their hurt.
I know their LORD!
Our closest friends know we are still "after the airport."
It's an amazing articulation of daily life in the trenches, on the mountaintop and everywhere in between, especially for parents of kids from hard places.
Go ahead, have a read.


Lori said...

I read that post last week. Really tough stuff.


Jennifer said...

Great post! I read that last week and I love how honest it is. Posts like hers, help those of us new and in the process to have a realistic idea of what life will be like "after the airport". :) It is so helpful to know and be aware. :) One thing we have on our side, is God. And with Him, all things are possible, even rough times "after the airport". :) Have a wonderful Friday!

Patientlywaiting said...

I read this too last week and boy does it give the "ugly" realities of adoption. God never told us it was going to be easy but He called us just the same because He knows that with Him we can be a part of making beauty from ashes.


Lori said...

Glad I let you lead me to this, too. It's not all sunshine and roses! But it's SO worth it.

Cari said...

i just finished reading the post "after the airport". so honestly written and it mirrors so much of what our family has gone through since last summer...the moments and the feelings. But she is so correct in that God will redeem and heal their brokenness. I love the part where she said that that she will not be this weary forever because God is too merciful to do that. :)

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