Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PT Cruiser

Yep, she cruised through Physical Therapy ;-)

The therapist showed us a mini parallel bar set that a family had constructed and donated, and Kasidi wanted so badly to get on it...so we tried it. The little squirt grabbed the bars and slowly walked the length of the thing. Then she went backward! I guess next week we'll get a new piece of furniture...

And, Kuyler-son, the rest of this post is for you. Finally, the three pictures of your car I've promised :)

But I digress.

I'm so excited for Kasidi to start PT. I think she'll have her wheels in no time!

BUT...Shriner's called yesterday and told us her clinic appointment has been moved from next Friday, September 23 to Friday, October 28 :( Another month we have to wait to see what's really going on with our Joy.

It also happens to be two weeks before we go to BGCenter in NY.

Which happens to be 10 days before we take two princesses to the cleft clinic.

I hereby declare November removed from the calendar...except it holds Kolton and Kasidi's birthdays, so maybe not.


Sarah said...

Wow! She's blossomed so much since she's been home! Amazing what the love of a FAMILY can do! :)


Jodi said...

Way to go Kasidi! She is amazing!!!

and Kuyler - love the car! :)

Ohhh dear - you will be racking up the plane mileage - maybe enough for a free ticket to .... china! :)

Love you and praying for extra endurance for y'all! :)

Jean said...

Sounds like you have some busy times ahead of you!

We are feeling the same way about... October, November and December! We finally have our dates for our surgeries and appointments - praise God!!

Breath, breath, breath!

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