Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Memorial Box Monday ~ Joy in the Morning!

Memorial Box Monday! Please check out my friend, Linny's blog, for her awesome MBM post!

God is so faithful – always! The last year hasn’t exactly been a picnic at our place, but we’ve always claimed God’s promise to never leave nor forsake us. We’ve faced some challenges, some self-inflicted and others unexpected. We first had the flood which took us out of our home for several weeks, cost us time from our self-employment and dollars out of our pocket. Yet, through all of that, the Spirit spoke a second, slightly more challenging adoption into our hearts, which led to more fees and preparation. And God was faithful to provide and bring both our children home.

Once home, the challenges continued with the realization our Teenage Treasure needed to be home schooled in order to bond with family and learn English. More time off work, more challenges. And God was and is faithful!

It seems crazy that in the midst of the transition and striving for a new ‘normal’ that God would draw us back to China. Several months ago I sensed Him burdening me for those left behind and began asking Him what our role would be. Were we to walk alongside adoptive families; were we to advocate for waiting children; were we to fundraise for medical needs of orphans…? There was no clear answer except, “Seek me.” Jeremiah 29:13 ~ You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

While I was praying for waiting children, I was not seeking ‘our child’ or trying to open a door; I was simply seeking Him. On July 28 an astounding thing happened. I received an email from an incredible agency that advocates for children who have been on the shared list more than 30 days. (You have to know something about CC*A rules to understand the significance of this J I emailed the agency, thanked them for causing awareness and shared my burden. One thing led to another…

Soon I was looking at the medical file of an adorable little girl, but her need was frightening. Clayton and I talked about it, agreed to pray, and quite honestly tried to ignore it. But then I sent her file to a specialist to get a ‘prognosis,’ sought other families who had children with the same need and requested as much information as the agency could get. More praying, more ignoring…I admit that fear was holding me back. I know that fear is of the enemy, so I continued to pray.

About three weeks later we received an amazing update that totally eliminated our fear of calling this child our own. Well, except for the fact that adoption costs money, lots of it. The last year has definitely left us without a ‘rainy day fund’ or ‘safety net.’ A lot happened in the next five days, and it is so evident that God’s hand was in the entire process.

We contacted our agency to see if they would be willing to facilitate the adoption…they agreed but added a few extra precautionary steps to make sure our Teen Treasure was adjusting well. These steps took longer than we expected, and the most significant thing that happened was the release of a new shared waiting child list. Our concern was that the positive update would draw attention to ‘our daughter’ and cause her file to be locked by someone else. The list came out Monday night, and the only thing we could do was completely hand it over to God. Father, either allow us to be her family or reveal her family and help us to rejoice in that.

As of Tuesday, we had no idea if her file was still available. My heart was breaking…but mostly because I had no answers. I had to ask myself if I really trust God or just say I trust Him. Every few minutes I handed my fears back to Him! At 12:30 Tuesday we got the green light to lock her file, without knowing if it was still open, but our agency rep was nowhere near the computer to lock the file. Handing it over to God…again…and again…and again.

At 2:30 that afternoon I sent a text message to five ‘long distance’ adoptive mamas who have become dear friends. No specifics, just that we were in need of prayer. These gals are prayer warriors! One of them immediately called me to see if she could pray specifically. I shared our story…and God showed up! She and her husband had recently returned from China with their two newest Treasures and weren’t ready to adopt again, but she was drawn to a beautiful little girl and decided to request her file and research her need. At the moment she received my text her computer was open to the file of a beautiful girl who would later be named Kasidi Joy! The fact she could open the file means it was still open! God used my friend to confirm that He was holding our daughter for us!

At 8:30 pm we finally received the long-awaited news that the file was locked for us. We are plowing forward, prepared to work hard to do our part, and leaning on God as our ‘safety net’ and ‘rainy day fund.’

Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. Prov 19:21


Jodi said...

God is sooooo good always!!! Faithful is He!

groovy mama said...

Thanks for sharing your story! You are very Bless to have such great friends and a GOD that loves you so!

Congrats she is beautiful and i LOVE her name! I had a sister JOY! Now if my hubby would just here the CALL of another one! I hear the LORD LOUD and CLEAR!!!

So happy for you!

Chris said...

WoW! sounds a bit like our story...especially the part about handing the worries back to God every few minutes....
Praying for you.

Mandi said...

Oh, Connie, I am so glad I was able to play a role in bringing home your newest daughter. She is absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to follow your journey.

God is SO good and continues to amaze me each and every day.

Mindi said...

I am praying for you as you wait to bring Kasidi Joy home and that God will provide the funds needed.

Erica said...

AS I sit here tearing up for the joy this baby is going to have when she finally meets her family! She is precious and the Lord is doing great things in your family's lives!! One more baby to add to the wonderful love of our Savior.. PTL!!!

Mom Of Many said...

Oh Yippeeee Jesus!! I love that Kasidi Joy is joining such a precious family...God is faithful and He is sooooo good!! THank you for sharing!

trina said...

Wow!! We have been on vacation and missed the whole announcement! She's precious!

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