Thursday, August 26, 2010

Remember These?

I LOVE making these candles, and they smell so good! At least that's what ya'll tell me. We are going to re-introduce them for the holidays as our next fundraiser to bring Baby K home!

On the right sidebar you will see a poll with several scents of our K & Kompany Kandles. If you will take the time to respond to the poll, it will help us narrow the choices down to 4. That keeps things easier and less expensive...and gives me an idea of what you like!

There are still almost 2 weeks to enter our Netbook fundraiser. Thank you to everyone who has commented, linked to us on FB and/or blog and contributed! We are so grateful!


Lori said...

Ooooo, they all sound simply delicious! I asked my hubby what his choice would be and he wants a bacon scented one.

Ignore him, please!

Jean said...

I love candles- and especially for the holidays!! I'm in!! Hope we can order soon!!

LedaP said...

Just added you to my blog.

We are also fundraising but I have something small I can donate, if you email me or message me on facebook :)

Leda Thomas Perry

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