Sunday, September 27, 2009

September - where?

Where did September go? It's not quite over yet, but seriously, we're heading into fall already! I know I've been negligent in posting pix of the kids so here are a few from September (and maybe the end of August). Apparently I didn't grab the camera as much as I should have. What have we done in September?
We moved Kuyler back to college. You go, girl. Not flat head, just good balance.

Weight training on his deck. Ummm, she only weighs 35 pounds.
We celebrated Kuyler's 21st birthday!
Kolton rode his horse Pistol in the parade.
Kaeleb won his turtle race.
We're watching Kolton play football - so far undefeated! Go, 45!!!!
We're cleaning :)
Watching Suite Life on the computer.
We went to See You at the Pole.

We had special friends over and made homemade salsa - yummy!
We also had a baby shower for Tina and her precious daughter waiting in Korea. April started her fundraiser - awesome necklaces! Youth is in full swing! We had NUF Nite last Wednesday with a Wii tournament (so I was the first contestant eliminated ... and I'm ok with that :), and we're headed to the corn maze next weekend. And lots of cool stuff in our Wild Goose Chase, praise the Lord!


The Harlow's said...

What an awesome family. Looks like you got a lot accomplished during the month. I love the turtle race - that sounds like a lot of fun!

Take care,


Adeye said...

Sounds like fun times. I'm so with you--what in the world happened to September????

Mom Of Many said...

Those are some really fun pictures! Especially love the cleaning one - she is totally getting into it!! Rock on sister!!

Praying for you all!! xo

Howard and Kim said...

Oh man... we went to the maze this last weekend. We could have seen you there...

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