Wednesday, December 2, 2015

One Foot in Front of the Other...

It seems like only yesterday we joyfully said "Yes" to adoption again.  And yet, as we enter the Advent season, we are reminded of the number of Christmases our children have spent without a family.

This Christmas is no exception.  By God's grace, this will be the last Christmas our treasure Kaison Joel (Yahweh is God) spends without his family - us!

We are committed to praying fervently and working hard to raise the necessary adoption funds.

Our newest fundraiser is this beautiful tee:

We are running this tee until December 16.
To check it out or place your order, please go HERE.

Also, for our local friends we are holding a rolling bake sale through the month of December!  The only days we can't bake and deliver are the 17th through the 20th (kind of a big deal going on then!) and the 25th.  Leave a comment or email me for more info!

By God's grace, our newest treasure will come home soon!

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