Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Call to Action

Can I ask a favor?

Would you pray for us?

I came across this quote from John Piper today, and it hits home ~
Until you know that life is war, you cannot know what prayer is for.
-John Piper

We've experienced a lot of battles in the war of this life.  We don't usually ask why; we just fix our eyes on Jesus all the more.

We knew that this adoption journey would require faith like never before.  We knew it would be necessary to trust the Father for the funds to get our little guy home.  We want him home quickly, obviously to smother him with love, but also to address his medical needs.  And praise the Lord, the process is moving along quickly.

We have worked tirelessly to raise funds, and we'll continue to do so.  To date we've had 8 fundraisers since starting the process in July, and we are so thankful for all who have participated in them, from entering drawings, to purchasing t-shirts and baked goods!

And in our flesh, we fall short.  Every.single.time.  We understand that one of the main reasons folks don't adopt is the cost.  After all, who has $40,000 laying around?!?  We certainly don't.  And yet, the Lord has provided the funds for all of our children to come home.  He has used some pretty creative means to provide, through His people.  And as we get one step closer to our son, I tremble at the notion that we still need to raise another $34,000.  It seems impossible from our perspective.  But we are so feeble and so limited, unlike our mighty Father, for whom nothing is impossible!

And so it occurred to me, why not rally the troops to pray?  Would you commit to pray?  For our family.  And for others who are responding in obedience to the Word of God, even though it is not easy.  We are not promised comfort or ease, but there is a promise we can count on: He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Our family has grown over the last ten years...

...and as long as we have breath, we will serve the Lord at all cost.

Prayer doesn't change things; it changes us.  We want our desires to align with the Fathers; we want to testify to His goodness, no matter the circumstances; and we want to praise His character and sovereignty.

We treasure your prayers, and we'd also like to pray for you, if you would leave a comment with your request.

"Prayer is not so much an act as it is an attitude -- an attitude of dependency, dependency upon God."
- Arthur Pink


Winslow Gang said...

Thank you for your testimony and for your obedience to our Father! Your precious family is a HUGE encouragement to us! We will pray for your adoption and all that is involved! Especially finances! Our family, too, has grown over the last 10 years as well. From 2 biological children to 9 adopted children. We are in the process of adding another little blessing to our flock from Eastern Europe. She is 5. We'd love prayers for the timing and the finances, too! Thank you! Our blog is:! Love to you from NH!!
The Winslows!

Jean said...

I would LOVE to pray for your family and for your adoption journey! It's a privilege and a joy to pray for others!

Hope Rising Farm said...

Praying for your new little one....thanking the Lord for your encouragement!

Laurel said...

Lifting you up to Our Father, for His strength, His wisdom, His provision, in His timing.

Love & Hugs,

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