Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oh, Linny, Thanks for the Linky!

My sweet friend, Linny, is hosting a Linky for families like ours ~ matched with one child, nearing travel, still needing funds.

Linny has a heart for the orphan, and it's evident in her family.  But more than anything, she is desperately in love with the Lord!
To participate in the Linky, each family must answer the following questionnaire:

1.   Tell us a bit about the child you are adopting - including this treasure's age and name {Please post a picture if allowed.}
This is our Khloie!  She just turned 2!
We weren't necessarily planning to adopt again as we were asking the Lord, "What next?"  After all, the van is full, the house is stacked and the bank account is empty.  But this little beauty captured our hearts, and the Lord reminded us that surrender means giving it all.  There was no response but, "YES!".

2.  Is the child you are adopting considered "Special Needs"? 
Yes.  Khloie is diagnosed with HIE, ASD and CHD
 3.  What country or geographic area are you adopting from?
4.   Have you adopted before?
Yes, 7 times, all glory to GOD!
5.   How close to travel are you?
Hopefully within 90 days.
6.   Do you attend church regularly?   If so, what type of church is it?
Yes, we are members of a Southern Baptist Church.
7.    Do you tithe with each pay {at least the scriptural standard of 10%}?
Yes, the Lord has spoken clearly to us regarding this!
8.  This week, did you participate in any way with the day of Praise, Prayer by giving praise on the link and then posting your request?
I did not this week.  I participated in the last day of Praise and Prayer.
9.  Have you read the entire Deadbeat Dad series?  {Yes}  Please read it in full, so you can better understand the heart of God for stewarding the money He has graciously gifted us with. 
It is a four part series and can be found here:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
10. How did you hear about this Link up we are having?
I am a regular reader of A Place Called Simplicity
11.  Is there anything, briefly, that you would like to share with our orphan-lovin', God-honorin', Jesus worshippin' bloggy friends reading this?
God has proven Himself faithful time and again in our lives!  He broke our hearts for the orphan just 2 years after I accepted Christ (at the age of 36).  We've never had the funds to adopt, but in faith, we've moved forward 8 times, and He is our Provision.  We are not stashing away our own money in savings while asking others to join our fundraising efforts; we have spent every dime the Lord provides to bring our children home and take care of their medical needs once home.  The only investments we have are the deposits into our children's lives.! 


Marie said...

Yah! Glad you can join in on this! Praying your funds will come together quickly!

Mom Of Many said...

I just linked you up...but changed the're in a class with me - a dozen treasures!! Please need to know that part - and I pray that God moves in a supernatural way on your behalf! Much love to you my friend...PS Remembering the day we spoke on the phone not long after our fire, I remember standing in my rental kitchen talking to you, remember that?

Jenny said...

We are in the same "boat." We are adopting child #12 - adoption #7. She is a 12 year old orphan from Ethiopia.
God bless you all,

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