Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pint-Sized Trooper!

Even though I asked ya'll to pray for our Kennah girl's surgery, it has been brought to my attention that I failed to report the outcome - so sorry!

She did fantastic!
Our tiny girl has lots of visible issues with her teeth due to her cleft lip and palate, but her pediatric dentist also identified other not-so-visible issues, recommending admission to the hospital for surgery under general anesthesia.

Dr. K told us the surgery would last an hour and a half and she'd take care of 'everything, including any previously undiagnosed problems.' Sure enough, Kennah had an abscessed tooth that needed removed, as well as four cavities filled and four teeth capped.

Occasionally she would point to her mouth as if in pain, but not what I'd consider, "I-have-a-throbbing-tooth-that-needs-to-come-out" kind of pain. I'm telling you, she's a trooper! And now she feels better!

On Friday, Kennah and Kinley will visit the cleft clinic at OU Children's, and I'm sure we'll be scheduling further appointments.


Rachel said...

I'll be praying!

Anonymous said...

My Camie , age 11 and adopted from China has a cleft , she has needed so much dental work and surgeries , I know how you feel . I am telling you , she is a trooper , these kids are awesome and I am beyond humbled to be her mom . I pray for your family , what a privilage to be able to meet adoptive families all over the country and uphold each other in prayer. Thanks for letting us know the outcome of surgery . Judy

Jean said...

Thankful the surgery went well!!

We have two- Luke and Abby with massive cavities! I can't believe they are not in excruciating pain!

Blessings on your sweet girls!

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