Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer School Progress Report

I've gotta give a shout out to Miss Erica, our amazing summer school teacher!

Girl, you rock!

Erica is a college student, studying to be a teacher...and have we got her on a crash course this summer :)

I don't even know how this whole thing came about but for the Lord's intervention, and since He does all things well, we couldn't have planned this any better ourselves!

Every morning Erica is in our kitchen at 8:30 am, her large tote full of books and cool learning gear. We are two and a half weeks into school and are seeing incredible progress, thanks to her skills and preparation.

We're also pretty proud of her student! Erica had a two-week lesson plan made out when she started...and they completed all the work the first day!

Now that she's got a feel for where Kooper's at, she's runnin' with it. The first week they refreshed and refined the things we'd been working on in home school, plus he learned to multiply by 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s. Now he's multiplying all digits, and is working on money, time and fractions.

I'm so impressed with Erica's skills (and patience), and I'm very proud of my son!

Erica, because of you, our boy will be ready for school in August.

Down side, he wants to play the drums in band! Ah, what's a little more noise around here?!?


Jodi said...

What an awesome report! Where did you find Erica? Sounds like she has been a God send!
Way to go Kooper!!

Ohhh the drums - lovely! :)

Andrea said...


Erica sounds like a dream. when you finish with her ..send her to Mississipp....maybe she can teach Caleb how to write a paper without whining.

Sounds like Kooper is ready to roll.

Miss you,


Martha said...

What an awesome blessing. Way to go Kooper!!

As the wife of a drummer, I will tell you that you get used to the drumming AND it gets more pleasant as they improve their skills. You might want ear plugs for the first few weeks ;)

April said...

WTG Miss Erica ~ Im proud of you too! Kooper ~ you rock, Im so proud of you as well! And as far as the drums ~ oh come on you wont even notice them! :) lol

Erica said...

Connie, I am glad you are so happy with my work, but we both know none of this would have been possible with out God and alot of prayer ready mornings:)
As far as kooper goes all I can say is yes everyday is different and some days we just relax, but he is doing GREAT!!!! I can't believe the progress he has made! He is also reading directions, not willingly lol, but he is getting so good at it:) I am a proud teacher of a great student! i couldn't ask for better:)

The Ferrill's said... would love Alabama. Seriously. I know I have a lot of students....but don't ya wanna try? ;) Just kidding, Connie! I won't steal her...and I'm so thankful you have her to help!
Love you friend!

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