Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sad but True

This is my front flower bed - SAD, isn't it! At one time I had beautiful flowers and small shrubs. Then we had a goat 'problem.' That was four years ago. Since then I haven't had the time, money or inclination to do much about it...so I just shrug at my sad flower bed.
But look closely at what IS growing here! We are cultivating mercy, grace, sharing, hope...
...and these blossoms are much sweeter than any flowers I could hope to grow. And that is TRUE!
The last weeks of school are always crazy, and this year is no exception. But today we took care of some housekeeping items. Early this morning I caught up on work, then the kids 'helped' me clean house, wash bedding, pick up the limbs from last night's wind storm, do laundry and plan our menu.

I say this only because I have a habit of setting unrealistic expectations for myself and grumbling when I don't meet them.

Lord, please help me not to be anxious about the things I need to finish, but rather rejoice in the things you've allowed me to accomplish!


Cari said...

amen to that!

Tim said...

You said - "a habit of setting unrealistic expectations for myself and grumbling when I don't meet them."

This reminds me of Horatio Hornblower. Yes, a fictional character, but one of passion for perfection. He too, had his list, the way things must be and beat himself up mentally when he did not perform to his self made standards.

Thankfully God does not beat us up when we fail to meet His standards. Instead He gives us his shoulder to lean on, picks us up and sets us on the path again.

Lighten up!

Chris said...

I have the habit of planning too much too. Gotta lower those expectations.

It's a good thing my hubby does flower beds other wise...there would be none at my house either.

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