Thursday, May 6, 2010


We crammed as much as we could into a 48-hour stay, including 2 visits with Karla and Amy at Lifeline
A trip to Joe's after a loooong appointment at UAB. All four of us earned it!
Emily was a trooper the entire trip!
So sad, it's the last crab leg....but notice who's got it!
These two were travel buds!
We also got to visit the Bennett family who traveled with David and April, and the Ferrills who are in the hospital with their sweet Kevin (he needs our prayers!). And during our UAB visit, April scouted the bargains at K*hls, so we made the obligatory trip back to snag some new dresses for the girls! Birmingham is a beautiful city...unfortunately we didn't take any pictures of it:(
As for our visit to the International Adoption Clinic, we've decided in order to protect our son's privacy, we won't be sharing details. I can, however, highly recommend the Clinic and the International Adoption team. Thank you for your prayers.
Stay tuned as Clayton is working on a post from the Dad's perspective. I can't wait!


Lori said...

Love the pics!! Glad you had such a productive day.

So great talking with you yesterday. You are a treasure to me!! Praying for you, friend!!

Jodi said...

Looks like a good trip! Can't wait to hear from Clayton!!! I will get the tissues ready!!! Love y'all!

LBC said...

Heyyy... were you there Monday around 3? Because when I saw the first photo, I was like "that's the shirt Karla was wearing at our meeting on Monday." And I remembered that a family was just arriving as we were leaving. If so, small world! (I followed a link from the NHBO blog to here.)

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