Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kinley Grace

I admit I've failed to give regular updates on Kinley's progress - sorry! As you may recall from our adoption site, she was less than pleased when handed to her new parents. I'm happy to say she thinks we're the bomb now! I mean, we totally rock in her eyes. Okay, you get the idea.

Kinley's reported medical need was cleft lip, repaired. However, her hard palate is cleft, and she has some speech issues. We have our first consult in March.

She repeats much of what we say and understands everything! I'm seriously amazed when I say, "Take your shirt to the hamper," and she does it!

This week she's started singing songs from Veggie Tales and nursery rhymes She's 34 inches tall and weighs all of 26 pounds.

As long as she gets a nap, snack and three squares she's one happy camper. She's become incredibly social and confident. Now that is amazing! She seems ready for potty training...but the mom, not so much.

How blessed I am!

I probably would have some really cute pictures of her from this weekend if my awesome friends with those cool cameras send me some - lol!


Suzette said...

What a joy that she is adjusting so well! How old was she when you adopted her? Our little girl just turned 4 and we are so ready to meet her. I am praying for a smooth adjustment phase for her as well! Suzette

Melanie said...

I am new to your blog. I love your blog and your family story...how beautiful to see God at work in your family and with your new son!We are beginning our third adoption from China and reading your story has reminded me that God will supply all our needs!


Jodi Sue said...

Thank you for posting about Kinley! She is soo adorable! :)
Is your surgeon nearby y'all, or are you coming south?
I have meet a lot of people at Jailyn's surgeons office from your neck of the woods.

She is so tall! She is bigger then Jailyn! :) My little squirt!

Love ya Sista!

Martha said...

I just want to jump into that picture and hug her! SO glad she has realized how much her parents rock. I agree!

Andrea said...

Sweet sweet baby!

Linda said...

So glad to read that she is doing so well. She is a beauty!
momma to Jarrett and Cara

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