Friday, August 14, 2009

School's In!

One in college; two in jr. high; one in elementary; two who wanna be in 'pee-k' and two ... on their way home :) :) :) Be still, my heart!
On our way out the door - wait, we have to take a picture!


Kim said...

Love the pictures...what a wonderful family! Cannot wait to see the other two with their precious family.
Happy School Year!! Praying for you all!
Kim(and the chili peppers)

April said...

Yes God is good!

Cindy said...

Awesome kids, back to school!
Love the idea of Mommy included in the pictures too!

Mine go back next week, this is our last week home, it went by tooooo fast! We were just settling down to enjoy our summer and vacation is over, not ready! Were your kiddos ready? They look so happy!

Susan said...

What a fine looking group of students! Praying those next two join you soon.

hollym. said...

Great pics, Connie! I start school with Anna next Wed. Kindergarden!!! I can't believe it!

Jill and Rick said...

Whew! You got them off! We're heading up to Mizzou today, then our three start on the 25th. We're not quite ready yet, but we're getting much closer.

Looking forward to next year's picture!


Kaitlynsmama said...

We love your blog-not only because we live vicariously through you and your family, but because it is a testimony to God's Mercy, Grace, and Love.
I get goose bumps everytime I realize how close Kooper and Kinley.
I smile from ear to ear watching the children already home growing up, my how time flies!
I pray, not only for your family and other adopting, but for children needing families.
I remember just how mighty and loving our God is.
All of this is increased by your faithfulness to God and of course-your blog! lol
Love and prayers,
Tammy and Jeongah

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