Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Going Private, Info Request

Only another day or so to request to join. Ya'll are in! I need an email address for the following gals, and you can either leave it in the comment or email me directly:
Erin (from October group)
Kristi in MI
Tracey (Lainey)


Desiree' said...

I would love to follow your blog. We "know" each other from when we both first adopted and from Chinastork websites and yahoo groups. We are lso adopting and waiting to be dtc for #6. Our little one is waiting in Jiangsu. Email is

Mandi said...

I have been following for awhile now and would love to continue. We brought home our daughter last May and are almost DTC for our son.
my e-mail is


Julie said...

I would love to follow your blog. I have been following you for awhile. My e-mail is


Lainey said...

Hi Connie -

Haven't been blogging much but please keep us in the loop. = )


Jennifer&Eric said...

Hi Connie,

I've been reading your blog since Tim Stowell in chattanooga "introduced" our 2 families via email. I am really enjoying your story and would love to follow along. Here's my email:

Thanks and God bless!
Jennifer (our current Taiwan blog)

www.johnsonfamilyadoption.blogspot (our China adoption / family blog)

wmcath said...

Hi Connie,

Please add me to your list of people who would love to follow your blog. Sorry your having to go private but totally understandable. my address

Cathy Shealy

Terri said...

Oh gosh..I'm go glad I check in on your blog. Don't shut the blinds on me. :)


Terri said...

Such a small world...Jennifer Johnson (comment above) is a friend of mine. :) I'm actually hosting a drawing/raffle fundraiser for her adoption on my blog right now. Too funny.

Jen said...

Just wanting to make sure I'm in. We have been blessed with two sons via domestic, open adoptions and are currenting waiting with Holt International for our LadyBug.
I would love to be able to continue keeping up with you and yours!! : )You all have been such an inspiration and I would be so sad to lose the connection...and the laughs and giggles!!

Jen in So. CA.

erin said...

Oops, sorry for not including it!

browntown6 @

just take out the spaces!

Erin from October group

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