Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Going Private

No, we're not quitting the blog, but we are closing the blinds. If you'd like to continue to hear how the Lord is daily changing our lives, please leave a comment or email me. Thanks for following along!
****Please include your email so I can add you, especially if you commented as anonymous. Feel free to email it to me. I'm overwhelmed by your awesome response.


Mom Of Many said...

Please include me in the new blog. I got your email this AM and am praying about what you mentioned. I also have been praying for your two sweet babies coming.

Will try to email you soon regarding your email. xo

Dawn Drake said...


i would love to continue to follow your journey. I am a fellow Dillon mom and have been inspired by your family.


Daniel and Jamie said...

I'd love to keep following along also! I'm also a Dillon mom.

Jodi Sue said...

Connie - I totally want to follow your blog!
Love you and will email you more later!

Jodi Sue

Kim said...

We want to continue to follow your blog...
praying for all of you...
Brad,Kim,chili peppers(a Dillon family too)

Kimberlee said...

please include me. we know you from the Oct. DTC yahoo group & would love to continue praying for you in your adoption process.



Dorothy said...

Hi Connie!
It would just not be the same if I couldn't stop by your blog a couple of times a week to check in on your wonderful family. Please include me! Got your e-mail too and will pray for your situation!

P.S. We got our LOA last week too! Looking to travel in early October....PTL!

Love Them Like Jesus,

erin said...

Hi Connie,
I've been following along since I was DTC in 10/05! I'd love to continue to follow your journey.


Carrie said...

Hi I would love to keep following along!

Jen said...

Hi Connie,
I'm an adoptive Mama as well. We have two sons via domestic, open adoptions and are 26 months waiting for our LadyBug (We're using Holt)
Would be so sad to not know what's going on in the lives of your wonderful and very inspiring family!! God bless each of you!!

Jen in So. CA HeartsToShepherd@gmail.com

trina said...

Oh yes, include me!

hollym. said...

YES, CONNIE!! I've been trying to email you, everytime you've emailed me, but they come back as undeliverable!! I would definately like to follow your precious family!

Anonymous said...

G'day from Australia. I have followed your blog for some time now and would like to continue to follow it. My email address is winning07@internode.on.net
Thanks Jandra

Gail said...


Please include me as well.

Just Me said...

I would like to continue to follow along on your blog.
~Lois R. (another Dillon mom)

Andrea said...



Anonymous said...

I would love to be able to continue to follow your blog and rejoice with you when these next 2 kiddos come home!!

Kristi in MI
(bio and adoptive mom)

Anonymous said...

I would like to continue to follow along on your blog.I have been following your blogs since we traveled to China to pick up my niece in 2006. I would miss hearing about your wonderful family.



Steve and Darcy said...

I sent you an email yesterday but am not sure if you received it - I would love to continue to follow your blog as well!! You have been such an inspiration to me!!
Darcy in GA

tanya fifer said...

Count me in Connie! Praying for you always!

The Ferrill's said...

Please don't forget to invite me! ;)

Aaron and Erica said...

I'd love to continue to follow your blog. I started following your blog when you were matched with Kaeleb...we were a waiting Lifeline family at the time but we have since brought home our daughter.

My email address is ericaterryhammond@hotmail.com

Thank you!

Mary Mom said...

Connie please include me.

Erica said...

Hey don't forget me!!!!

ChinaMom said...

Connie, please include me.

Debbie said...

Please include me, my3gals@sbcglobal.net.

Anonymous said...

Hi Connie,

Add me to the list :)
Gael N

Jill and Rick said...

Good mornin' Connie! Just saw your good news, Praise the Lord! and yes, PLEASE add us to your list of blog-followers.

Have a blessed day!


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