Friday, February 6, 2009

Paint Progress

The office, before.
The office, after (almost)
The living room, finished! I love it!

The entryway, before.

Entryway, freshly painted.
Well, the fans and de-humidifiers were removed Wednesday evening so we could finally get a good look at things. We found some cabinet damage around the kitchen sink where the water sprayed the woodwork, but we can have it restored. Yes, I believe the 'rainbow' is new carpet and fresh paint. We built our small home and moved in a week before Christmas when Kenzie was 22 months old (she'll be 12 this month!). With the adoption processes there just haven't been any extra funds to update, and I've been okay with that because I'd much rather bring my children home. Now it seems the Lord is providing both! And speaking of good things, we should receive a fingerprint appointment from CIS next week! I'm afraid I've worn April ragged with painting ;-) We've finished the living room, office and entryway. We still have to paint the hallway, master bedroom and bath. The colors are bold (for those who know me, that's huge!). I hope they make our home warm and inviting. I can't wait to see the finished product. Thank you for your continued encouragement, emails, comments and prayers. And please remember the Muellers as they continue to house us. We didn't get to spend any time working on the house yesterday as I went to my 'other' job, you know the one - gainful employment - the one that pays the bills ;-) We are so very blessed!


Andrea said...

It looks REALLY good. I love the living room color.

Good job.


Tammy said...

It looks great! I love all of the warm colors!

Jodi said...

Looks beautiful!! I wish I could come help you and April paint! I love painting! My husband says are square footage has is less because of all the layers of paint. :)

Jill and Rick said...

I think the painted rooms look wonderful!! (& I had to laugh thinking about you doing all that work just before your fingerprint appointments, Connie - use lots of CornHuskers Lotion before you go!!)


Kim said...

I love all the paint!! It is looking great, and you are so encouraging to all of us. I love the saying "when life gives you lemons make lemonade". I try so hard to keep that outlook myself.
Praying for you
Love ya
Kim(Brad,and clan)

The Ferrill's said...

Love the new colors!
Thanks for inspiring me to find the "rainbows"!

trina said...

I love,love,love the colors. Beautiful...yes...the rainbow at the end.

holly m. said...

Your colors look wonderful! Bless April's heart. She is a super friend, isn't she? :)

Erica said...

The colors look amazing and I am glad you got to do some updating! Miss you all tons and glad all is getting there and thank goodness for RAINBOWS!!

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