Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fabulous Blog Award!

My dear friend Nicole honored me with this blog award. You are so sweet, Nicole! Nicole and I 'met' each other through our amazing adoption agency, Lifeline. She has 5 beautiful children and is quite an inspiration to me!
As per the rules of the award, I have to list five fab things I love, and pass the award along.
1) I love my GOD, my husband and my kids!!!
2) I love my friends, whether I've gotten to meet you or not!!!
3) I love that I have a 20-year-old son who loves the Lord.
4) I love that my dad accepted Christ three weeks before he passed away!
5) I love the fact that God's plans for my life are so much richer than anything I could imagine!
And now to pass this award along:
PS: I have so many precious bloggy friends that it's hard to choose! May you be blessed by these four! And I promise to post pictures as soon as we are 'put together.' I had to go to the chiro today as a result of three weeks of 'moving', exhaustion and upcoming jobs - but I'm great! Our tile is being cleaned as I type!

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