Friday, January 25, 2008

Our "solid" boy!

Here he is! He's been prayed for and cuddled. He's so lovable! Thank you, AW, for blessing us with new pix! Just look at those kissable cheeks!


Martha said...

Oh Connie! What a precious boy! He does look completely cuddly. It won't be long now.


Pam said...

He is just an absolute doll!! He looks like a little bit of mischief too. How fun!! Can't wait for you to be holding him!
Congratulations on the grant too!! ;o)

Jodi said...

Yeah Connie!
He is adorable!! and looks very healthy!

Congrats on your LOA!!!!

Can't wait to see you travel!!

Still praying for your family!
Jodi Sue :)

Kitty said...

What a cutie!!! Can I squeeze those cheeks?

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