Wednesday, January 23, 2008

From the hospital

Somebody, throw me one of these :) Just kidding. First, the good stuff. Since Clayton and I are in the hospital all day and night with Dad, we brought lots of paper work. We've completed 2 more grant applications, a financial statement, and a projection for our new business. Oh, we still have to do some on-line adoption courses.
Now for the not-so-great stuff. Today started out pretty well. Though Dad was restless and couldn't sleep, he wasn't combative. This afternoon he went from drowsy to c-r-a-z-y. Suddenly he's working cattle, which includes pushing them in the chute with his feet! The poor nurses have had to restrain him, and it just kills me. But he doesn't recognize anyone and is so combative it's necessary. We did have a chance to chat with him about the Lord, and he just won't make a decision. We will continue to pray to the God who changes hearts!
As for Kaeleb news, yesterday we mailed a care package to him, and it should arrive within 2 weeks. It's possible we'll have new pix of him by Friday! I can't wait!

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